A Period Piece

“A Period Piece”

A Period Piece
Allison Maria Rodriguez
color video and performance, 5 minutes, 2008

Artist Statement

The primary theme at work within the video entitled A Period Piece is the abject in relation to the female body.  Within the piece the performer/subject appears upon a makeshift stage in child drag enacting a playful ritualistic interpretation of the transcendence from childhood to adult womanhood.  Menstruation, existing as the process which enables the body to reproduce through the “death” of the child, is examined as the moment that the female body enters the realm of the abject.  The blood and the tampon work as props to rupture the demarcation of the outside and the inside of the body which, though culturally abject, is displayed as sexually exciting or attractive to the performer.  Here I am working with Julia Kristeva’s description of the abject as both attractive as well as horrific and that it is the moment of ambiguity where meaning collapses that is the most powerful.  Also it is a constant reference to the horror film, the end of the piece presents the domestic act of cleaning up after the slaughter, which is presented as yet another part of the ritual.

A Period Piece: Exhibition and Reception Information