Don’t Forget to Breathe

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Don’t Forget to Breathe
Allison Maria Rodriguez
b&w and color video,
5 minutes

Artist Statement

The piece entitled Don’t Forget to Breathe attempts to explore the anxiety of the psychological instability internalized after a trauma as a characteristic of PTSD.  The barren domestic setting represents a mind attempting to organize, attempting to negotiate the collapse of language inherent in the integration of a horrific event into one’s conceptualization of reality and comprehension of self.  Though there is a feeling of intense isolation in the piece, it is not a safe isolation, and the highly agitated subject turns to structured methodologies of thought to grasp some form of control over the perceived unpredictability of this new reality.   Through a dialectic of disassociation and overwhelming feeling, domesticity and institutionalization, interior and exterior, “Don’t Forget to Breathe” works to illustrate the battle of anxiety.  This piece attempts to ignite discourse in light of a new awareness and social acknowledgement of the prevalence of PTSD.