The Data Projects

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The Data Projects
mixed media: new media, video, digital prints, sculpture
2014 – 2016

Project Description

The Data Projects gathers materials and information from medical supplies related to the understanding and treatment of Type I Diabetes in order to create data visualizations.  The project is about both the creation of objects as well as the time the artist spends with the materials.  Some of the first objects created in the project include The First 1,298, a mixed-media collage of 1,298 used injection needles carefully arranged within a white shadowbox and 4,500 Sugar Design, a series of colorful digital prints created via a computer application for recording and analyzing blood sugar readings.  The final piece in this series, created in 2016, is The 8,360 Sugar Dance, a digital animation created from over four years of blood sugar tests.

Artist Statement

This project is a reflection of how scientific measurements and implements can become embedded into one’s understanding of self and what it means to be human. The pieces in this project were all created as a means for me to integrate and process my partner’s fairly recent chronic diagnosis of Type I Diabetes. The First 1,298 refers to the first 1,298 insulin injection needles used by my partner to treat this new illness. Injections and blood sugar readings have become an essential part of his daily survival and how he relates and understands the world. It is also an exploration of the love/hate relationship I have to these implements in that they keep my partner alive, but they also inflict pain on a regular basis. The project is also a reflection of my attempt to comprehend this condition as someone looking in, an outsider, and how it affects my understanding of myself in our relationship.

The First 1,298 Shadowbox

The Data Projects: Exhibitions and Reception Information