The Way I Never Was

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The Way I Never Was
by Allison Maria Rodriguez
video installation, 2016

Project Description

The Way I Never Was is a digital animation and video installation. In 2016 the piece was displayed as a large scale outdoor public projection as part of the Lightworks New Media Festival in the UK, as a gallery projection piece at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Korea, and as an object-based interactive installation at The Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA.  Various methods of display enhance different aspects of the animation and the viewer experience.

Artist Statement

The Way I Never Was is a visual meditation exploring the mythology of childhood. The piece utilizes fantastical imagery to juxtapose the social unconscious memory of childhood with the reality of lived experience. Images of war and extinction live alongside teddy bears and fairy godmothers. Though the iconography chosen for the animation is particular to the artist, it serves as a microcosm of a larger social landscape. Our collective unconscious choice to define childhood as a time of “innocence”, abstracted from the trauma of a culture of war and violence, represents our culture’s ability to ignore truth and rewrite history. This piece attempts to create dialogue by constructing a psychological space within which both these disparate notions obtain representation through their inherent conflict.