Earth Oracles (work-in-progress)

video stills (2) from Earth Oracles video installation project
by Allison Maria Rodriguez
multi-channel immersive video installation, 2022 (in progress)

Artist Statement

Earth Oracles
is a multi-channel immersive video installation (work-in-progress) that creates a sacred space centered around moving image portraits of various endangered species. The individual portraits merge iconography and stylistic devices of catholic prayer cards and new age oracle decks, using a blend of mediums including video, animation, photography, drawing and collage.  Each video portrait is presented as an object of reverence and contemplation. Lighting and auditory effects are also used to create a sense of the blending of interior and exterior realms, suggesting not only a false demarcation between the two, but ultimately their interconnection. Together the portraits ask the viewer to question who it is they seek guidance from. The work urges us not only to look above or below, to the past or the future, but also to the present world around us and our fellow species, who hold an incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge that is often overlooked.

*additional imagery and details coming soon