Legends Breathe (work-in-progress)


Legends Breathe: The Lady & the Bear
multi-channel video installation, currently in progress

Project Description

Funded in part by a grant from The CreateWell Fund, Legends Breathe (currently in-progress) explores the power of creativity and the imagination in overcoming traumatic experiences. Based on interviews with different female-identified artists about childhood fantasies that assisted them in overcoming trauma or extreme circumstances, this project speaks to a strategy and methodology of survival activated through the power of creativity. Each video, which will eventually be installed together as an interactive installation, explores these individual fantasies, highlighting their uniqueness, their commonalities, and their inherent power. One primary element evident in all the fantasies is a harvesting of strength and transcendence through a deep connection to the natural world. The work is populated by endangered species and threatened habitats, conveying a link between the trauma and healing of our planet to that of the individual.

Legends Breathe: Water Mythologies
multi-channel video installation, currently in progress